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April 2015 Teleconference: Cecilia Velástegui, Lydia Gil

April 2015 Teleconference: Cecilia Velástegui, author of Howl of the Mission Owl published by Libros Publishing

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April 2015 Book of the Month


Howl of the Mission Owl

By Cecilia Velástegui
Published by Libros Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0990671374

About Howl of the Mission Owl
Cecilia Velástegui fabulously spotlights native Californian history, culture, and traditions in an Aesop-inspired tale set during the infamous gold rush. Howl of the Mission Owl: El ulular de la lechuza follows eight animal friends, led by the wise and inquisitive spotted owl, as they unravel the mystery of the missing gold nugget, ultimately learning that “harmony is golden.”


April 2015 Additional Conversation

Letters from Heaven by Lydia Gil

Letters from Heaven

Piñata Books
By Lydia Gil
Published by Piñata Books/Arte Publico Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-55885-798-8

A tender story of family and friendship, LETTERS FROM HEAVEN / CARTAS DEL CIELO by Lydia Gil celebrates Latino traditions, especially those of the Spanish Caribbean.
Celeste is heartbroken when her grandmother dies. But everything changes when a letter mysteriously comes in the mail—from Grandma! “I know you miss me as much as I miss you. Don’t be sad. Where there is love, there is no sadness.” As letters continue to arrive from the beyond, each with a recipe of a favorite food her grandmother used to prepare, Celeste consoles herself by learning how to cook the dishes.
Meanwhile, without Grandma’s social security check, Mami needs to get a second job to make ends meet. Celeste has to quit dance lessons, and a bully at school gloats that she will replace Celeste as the star in the upcoming recital. To top things off, her friends think that she’s gone crazy; dead people can’t send letters!
When a final letter arrives, Celeste realizes that all the recipes combined make an entire meal: café con leche, guava and cheese croissants, congrí, plantain chips, ropa vieja and flan. Can she really make a Cuban feast to celebrate her cherished grandmother’s life?
This entertaining novel is written in ten brief chapters for children ages 8-12 and includes six traditional Cuban recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. Dealing with contemporary issues like trouble with friends and the death of a grandparent, Gil’s bilingual book pays tribute to family.


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