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The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy: August 2015 Book of the Month

August 2015 Book of the Month:

The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy by Graciela Limón


August 2015: Graciela Limón, author of The Intriguing Life of Ximena Godoy published by Café Con Leche

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About the Book:


The Intriguing Life of Xiema Godoy

By Graciela Limón
Published by Cafe con Leche
ISBN-13: 978-1633930001 Soft cover
ISBN-13: 978-1-33930018 Ebook

Revenge and murder define Ximena Godoy’s story. Her lifetime spans the first half of the 20th century, a transformative time of revolution, economic depression, uprooting and migration. During that time, she witnesses and participates in an era of revolution, bootlegging, dance halls, as well as evolving rules that determine women’s lives in both Mexico and America. Never a traditional or conventional woman, Ximena Godoy shatters rules that govern her Mexican heritage, and even those of a wider world. Her story portrays an ever-changing woman who morphs from sheltered child into a complex, deeply flawed human being, passionate and independent, quick to love unconditionally, but just as ready to cling obsessively to revenge, a flaw that leads her into the murky world of murder and criminal justice.

About the Author:


Graciela Limón

Graciela Limón is the author of eight widely read novels: In Search of Bernabé, The Memories of Ana Calderón, The Song of the Hummingbird, Day of the Moon, Erased Faces, Left Alive, The River Flows North, and The Madness of Mamá Carlota. Her writing has received reviews from Publishers Weekly, library journals and scholarly journals. The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Houston Chronicle and other leading newspapers have reviewed her work, as well as several anthologies. She was the recipient of the prestigious award for U.S. Literature: The Luis Leal Literary Award. The Los Angeles Times listed her as a notable writer for 1993. She lives and works in Simi Valley, California.

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