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Point of Balance: October 2015 Book of the Month


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About the Book:


Point of Balance

By Juan Gómez-Jurado
Published by Atria Books
ISBN-13: 978-1476766980 English Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1476766980 Spanish

In this superbly written, nail-biting thriller, a top neurosurgeon is forced to choose between ending the life of the most important person in America or guaranteeing his own daughter’s horrifying death.

I am no saint, no martyr, no terrorist, no madman, and no murderer…I am a father. That’s my story.

Dr. David Evans is a well-respected brain surgeon at a hospital in Washington, DC, and a devoted father. But soon he is faced with the ultimate dilemma: if his next patient, who must undergo brain surgery, leaves the operating table alive, Dr. Evans’s kidnapped daughter will die at the hands of an implacable psychopath—and he will be forced to watch.

Over the course of fifty-five frantic hours counting down to his choice in the surgery room, Dr. Evans races to hunt down his pursuer and find a way out of this nightmarish predicament. But just how far will he go to save his daughter’s life?

“A roller coaster ride of fear and excitement unparalleled in modern fiction” (New York Times bestselling author Katherine Neville), Point of Balance will keep you on the edge of your seat with fast-paced action and raw emotion, as one man faces an impossible moral dilemma that could change the course of history. – Click here to see more

About the Author:

Juan Gómez-Jurado | Photo Credit: TK

J.G. Jurado
Photo Credit: TK

Juan Gómez-Jurado

Juan Gómez-Jurado is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. The Moses Expedition and his prize-winning novels God’s Spy and The Traitor’s Emblem have been published in more than forty countries and have become international bestsellers. Gómez-Jurado lives with his family in Madrid, Spain. – See more

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