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Leadership Team

Maria C. Ferrer, Edith Milagros Reyes, and Julia Abrantes

Maria C. Ferrer, Edith Milagros Reyes, and Julia Abrantes

Edith Milagros Reyes

Project Manager

edith-milagros-webEdith’s thirst for reading was quickly quenched when she joined Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club. She became the San Antonio Coordinator in 2010 not only coordinating the monthly book club meetings, but also facilitating special events for the San Antonio community. In 2012 as co-project manager, she assisted with membership and all book club city meetings.

Today she is the Project Manager for the Las Comadres and Friends National Book Club and Teleconference Series. She works closely with the Leadership Team and all the cities book club coordinators/discussion leaders to lead and execute (a) the Book Club’s mission to promote the literary works of Latino authors; (b) to grow and oversee marketing efforts for the cities meetings and activities, on the web and through other social media; and (c) general business management, operations and reporting for the Book Club.

Edith has worked in the legal field for over 20 years and currently works at CST Brands, Inc. as a legal assistant.


Julia Abrantes

Literary Relations Coordinator

julia-abrantes-webJulia Abrantes, a lover of Latino literature joined Las Comadres Book Club in 2009. Shortly after attending her first book club meeting, she attended her first Comadrazo (monthly meetings for Las Comadres Para Las Americas) and was drawn into the warmth and fellowship that she felt there.

Almost immediately involving herself in the social and educational activities that Las Comadres offered, she became an integral part of the NYC leadership team. She is one of the Facilitators where she assists in the coordination and preparation of the monthly Comadrazos as well as special events for the New York City group. She has been one of the NYC Book Club Discussion Leaders since 2010. Currently, she is Literary Relations Coordinator for Las Comadres Book Club.

Since 2012, she has been a Judge in Latino Literacy Now’s International Latino Book Awards as well as being a judge in The National Association of Hispanic Publishers Jose Marti Publishing Awards. She has also been part of the team assisting in the presentation of the International Latino Book Awards since 2010.

Julia lives in New Jersey, while working as a legal secretary in New York City.


Maria C. Ferrer

Media Relations Coordinator

maria-ferrer-originalMaria C. Ferrer joined Las Comadres Para Las Americas in 2006 and immediately felt at home. She is thankful to have found a group of strong, like-minded Latina women who come together in sisterhood and friendship. Maria is one of the New York City Comadres Facilitators and also the Book Club Coordinator. She enjoys the networking and camaraderie of the monthly Comadrazos, as well as the lively discussions of the book club meetings.

Maria is pleased to volunteer to be the new Media Relations Coordinator for the national Las Comadres Book Club. For the past two years, she has volunteered at the Las Comadres Writers Conferences, and judged in the Latino Literacy Now’s International Latino Book Awards. Maria lives in New York City, where she works as a meeting planner, and enjoys writing and jewelry making.


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