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Nora de Hoyos Comstock is the National and International Founder, President and CEO of Las Comadres para las Americas.

There have been local (city-based) informal groups of Comadres around the country for over 25 years. The Austin local Las Comadres was started in Austin (April 2000) by Elizabeth Garcia and Veronica Rivera as an informal face-to-face gathering of Latinas.

Nora Comstock, whose passion is building community and sharing resources, used her technological background to take the concept all these Comadres groups had in common to the next level using the Internet and the Web. Nora transformed the informal in-home gathering into the national and international Las Comadres network. Jack Bell’s technological expertise and financial support have been key to both the survival and growth of the organization. Jack Bell is Nora Comstock’s husband.

Today in cities all over the US and also internationally, Latinas are engaged in dialogues about education, employment, culture, and resources, among other things. The email connection is known as Las Comadres News Network (LCNN). Las Comadres para las Americas continues to grow on a daily basis as Latinas build personal and professional relationships with one another.

Website History

Our first beautiful website was created in 2004 by a Georgetown, Texas, company named GX Creative Communications. Comadre Judith Manriquez and her team created a site which launched our web presence. We will always be grateful for their creativity and generosity. Comadres Mahiette Tarrago and Ariel Comstock (my daughter) worked on the next version of our website and it has been the image of Las Comadres for many years. Our lascomadres.org redesign was launched on January 10, 2009 through the hard work of Jack Bell and Mary Armesto. Our lascomadres.com/lco was launched on January 1, 2014. Our Comadre, Mary, continued as our web mistress.

We would appreciate your feedback. Click me Click here Click me to send your suggestions, ideas, praise, likes, and dislikes. And more improvements are yet to come!

Our Vision

Las Comadres is a nationally known Latina organization empowering women to be actively engaged in the growing Latino/Hispanic communities through online and face to face networks.

Our Mission

Connecting and Empowering Latinas everywhere through community building/networking, culture, learning, and technology.


Networks have recently launched in many major cities. Click me Click here Click me for more information about current cities, leadership within those communities and upcoming additions to the network. If you don’t see your city on the list, just ask us and we will come assist you in setting up the group for linkage to all the other Las Comadres groups.

How to Join

Subscription to Las Comadres is free of charge and involves subscribing to our email/discussion list, where most of our communication with each other occurs. Click me Click here Click me to Join.


Comadres meet once a month for community building and informal professional networking. Attendance is optional but you won’t want to miss the fun, the food, the friendship! The COMADRAZOS(sm) are potluck dinners in the homes of Comadres but the growing interest in Las Comadres may soon necessitate a change of venue to public meeting spaces or community centers. We are growing. Join us.

If you would like to host a Comadrazo, click here.


Thanks to Las Comadres for sending me an email regarding job opportunites with the US Census in 2010. From that one email my husband was able to get hired as Regional Administrator and now has a permant job with the Department of Commerce, US Census. He has been able to travel to New Orleans, Las Angeles and Denver. Thanks Las Comadres for helping this family succeed.
–Denise Martinez, Texas


Las Comadres was the first meeting that I attended to since I emigrated from my native country: Ecuador. The affection, smiles and good energy that I experienced at every encounter will remain in my heart forever. This group has blessed me with two wonderful friends and many, many extraordinary moments.
Con todo el cariño de su Comadre…Maria Jose Peñaherrera, Nueva York


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